Natural Wine

 Social media is helping democratise the world of wine, allowing the opinionated sommelier or winemaker with a story, or an interesting wine, easy access to, a young tuned in, turned on, increasingly knowledgeable post Decanter audience.
Natural wine generated thousands of words online and in the mainstream press following the inaugural Natural Wine fair in 2011.Yet there is still a dearth of hard factual  information  about this style of wine,  there are however  a lot of…
Don Ryan visits a Wine Fair at Borough Market where he discovers “Real Wine” has arrived and concludes that Press warnings notwithstanding there is absolutely nothing to be scared of.
Two Competing Natural Wine Fairs in one day was strange. Don Ryan attended both and discovered beneath the surface of what appeared to be very similar events lurked important, even fundamental differences.
The Masters of Wine (MW) May Think Theres Madness in the Production Method.... Nevertheless Natural Wines can Taste Great. writes Donach O Rainn