Vin Doux Natural (VDN).

Vin Doux Natural (VDN).

A Naturally Sweet, mainly white Wine produced in France. Grape: Muscat (mainly, Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains).

Vin Doux Natural wines to buy and where to find them:

 Muscat de Beaumes -de - Venise. Rhone Valley. France, Nose: Exotic fruits with a hint of roses. Palate: Intense fresh and rich, citrus fruits, menthol on the finish. Eat with: Cream desserts, Moroccan food, lemon pies or tarts. Where Stocked: Berry Brothers and Rudd, 3 St James St. SW1A 1EG.

Banyuls BottleMuscat de Frontignan (modern style) Lanquedoc. France, Nose: Citrus and exotic fruits Palate: Honey balanced by elegant freshness. Eat With: As an aperitif or with Blue cheeses. Where Stocked:

Muscat de Rivesaltes Roussillon, France Nose: Powerful and complex; peach, apricot, grapefruit, floral notes, mint, honey and crystallised fruits. Palate: Powerful, rounded and fresh; various fruits, honey, high acidity and mint. Eat with: As an aperitif, foie gras, lemon or orange deserts, strawberries, peaches. Where Stocked: Waitrose. ( click through to dessert wine, South of France)

Muscat de Saint  - Jean - de - Minervois Lanquedoc, France. Nose: Citronella and passion fruit Palate:  lacy and sweet. Eat with: As an aperitif, blue cheese, sorbets and ice creams. Where Stocked: Sainsburys,

Muscat du Cap Corse Corsica, France Nose: Figs, sultanas, butter, spices, Palate: fresh juicy grapes , figs, sultanas and some spiciness. Eat With: as an aperitif, charcuterie, grilled white meat, mousse and fruit salads. Where Stocked:

Banyuls Roussillion, France A red Vin Doux Natural, made from the Granache noir grape. Nose: Intense and powerful, red fruits, dried fruits, spice. Aromas change as wine ages. Palate:Powerful tannins, fruit, fresh finish. Taste alters with aging. Eat With: Grilled wood pigeon, chocolate pudding. Where Stocked: The Soho Wine Supply Company