Condrieu, North Rhone

Condrieu, North Rhone

Only white wine made entirely from Viognier grapes is  permitted to carry the Condrieu AOC lable. 

Around 30,000  cases are produced annually.

Condrieu wine emits delicate aromas of peaches, dried fruit and white flower or sometimes notes of anise, star fruit and melons. 

The wine is usually full bodied and rich. Malolactic fermentation is allowed but some winemakers decline to use it.

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The grapes for Condrieu AOC wines are  grown on difficult to harvest sloping hillside  vineyards. With only 130 hectares of vines available for production this is a small appellation experiencing  steadily growing global demand.

Consequently the wines on sale in London are not cheap, but there is reasonable availability. They will be difficult to find in a  supermarket or off licence but several independents have stocks.

 London's largest, Berry Brothers & Rudd, have a range costing from around £35 for  a 75cl bottle. Buying in bulk or in primeur  can reduce the price.

 Lea & Sanderman with four shops, offer a  biodynamic produced 2011 vintage bottle  with highly concentrated fruit, bright  balancing acidity and tremendous length,  for a bit more money.

 At the same sort of price The Wine Library have a fermentation from E Guigal, a  family owned company and major Condrieu producer, who has been in the forefront of promoting Northern Rhone wines to the  lofty pinnacle of global wine marketing  success.  

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More on Condrieu AOC from  Eric Pfanner New York Times a very good easy to understand article free from the usual wine writers Verbosity and tastings notes gobbledygook,written by a jobbing journalist who has lived and worked in Paris and knows wine.