Ajaccio, Corsica, France

Ajaccio, Corsica, France

 The birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte and one of Corscia's nine wine regions, it achieved VDQS status in 1971 rising to AOC status in 1984. The little known red Sciaccarello grape is the star and ideally suited to the granite soil. The wines are light, exhibit an aroma of wild herbs with a distinctive slightly peppery taste. Ajaccio wines are not widely available in London.



Where to Buy or Try Ajaccio Wines in London.

Only one producer, Domaine Comte Abbatucci is readily available in London.

However this is an exceptional estate, dedicated to strict Biodynamic farming as part of a poly-culture ecosystem complete with groves of Olive Trees and sheep foraging among the vines. It also conserves with passion the indigenous grapes of Corsica.

Founded in 1950 with 18 hectares of vineyards planted on granite slopes by Antoine Abbatucci, whose son Jean-Charles now runs the business, carrying on a family tradition that goes back generations.

The domaine grows a range of indigenous grape varieties, principally Vermentino, Niellucio, Sciacarello and Barbarossa. Many from vines foraged from abandoned mountainous vineyards.

Several fermentations from the estate are available in London imported by Dynamic Wines, not all are AOC labelled as they don't follow the Regulated grape blends.

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