La Fromagerie

Where they are:

La Fromagerie, (Specialists in Cheese)

  • Address: 2-6 Moxon Street, W1U 4EW
  • Tel: 020 7935 0341

  • Opening Times: :M-F 8-7:30pm/Sat 9-7pm/Sun 10-6pm
  • Proprietor(s): :M-F 8-7:30pm/Sat 9-7pm/Sun 10-6pm
  • Food Range: Cheese and meats
  • Drinks: Cheese Shop, cafe, wine bar, with communal table.
  • Events & Tastings: Yes

LA FROMAGERIE is passionate about good food & wine.

Stylish and unconventional LA FROMAGERIE is recognised as being one of the best cheese shops in England. You will find regional farmhouse cheeses with information on how to create the perfect cheese plate together with suggested wine pairings & other accompaniments