Barrica Tapas Bar W1

Where they are:


  • Address: 62 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4NE
  • Tel: 020 7436 9448

  • Opening Times: Mon-Fri: noon-10.30pm Sat; 1-10.30pm
  • Proprietor(s): Tim Luther
  • Part of a Chain: No, one other restaurant
  • Style: A tapas bar offering a little bit of Barcelona in London. Hanging Jamóns, mostly Spanish staff with a marble bar and stools, supplemented by wooden tables and chairs.
  • Wine: Twenty Sherries, dry, sweet and blended, backed up by over eighty other red, white, rose and sparkling Spanish wines. The list includes many interesting and even unusual (for London) Spanish fermentations.
  • Food: Snacks, basic tapas, cheese and meat plates are available all day, with a charcoal grill at lunch and dinner.Examples: All day, Aceitunas, Aubergine Marinated Olives £3, Chorizo Extra Bellota (50g) Pork Sausage £4.95, Tortilla de Patata, Traditional Spanish Omelette £3.95,Croquetas de Jamon, Ham Croquettes (2)£2.75, Quesos (Cheese Board) £12, From the grill, (lunch & dinner only), resa Iberica,Sliced Acorn Fed Iberico Pork Shoulder £8.00,Merluza con Ensalada de Patatas, Hak ewith Jersey Royal Potatoes £5.95, Ensalada de Coliflor Fritos, Granada y Oliva Negra, Deep Fried Cauliflower, Pomegranate & Black Olive Salad £5.50
  • Events: No
  • By the Glass: Twenty sherries from £3.20,75ml, 100ml and 375ml pot also available.Sherry, sixteen, from £3.20, for 75ml, 100ml & 375ml also served. White, twenty two from £3 for 125ml, 175ml also served . Red, sixteen from £3 for 125ml, 175ml is also served. Two rosé, three cava (sparkling) and three desert/cheese wines complete the list.
  • Retail Sales: Yes
  • House Wines: Red: Abilius Tinto Tempranillo Vino de Mesa 2012 £3.00 £4.20 £18. White:Abilius Blanco Palomino/Macabeo 2012 £3.00 £4.20 £18

 A successful attempt to create an authentic Barcelona style tapas bar that offers a taste of Spain.

The object is for the customer to relax with great Spanish food and wine, or an espresso and a pastry, or perhaps some olives, almonds and jamon with a glass of Sherry,.

 A temperature-controlled cabinet for the red wine maintains (an ideal for drinking) 16 degrees celsius. The food, wine and sherries  offer a full reflection of Spain's fantastic diversity.