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Where they are:

10 Greek St, Restaurant & Wine Bar

  • Address: 10 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DH,
  • Tel: 020 7734 4677

  • Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 12–10:45pm, Sunday Closed
  • Proprietor(s): Cameron Emirali and Luke Wilson
  • Part of a Chain: No
  • Style: Seasonal, modern cooking and a well constructed wine list withLots of blackboards along the walls in a dining room with parquet floor, tiles and open kitchen.
  • Wine: Around forty, most available by the glass and carafe, covering a wide range of styles
  • Food: Modern European with daily-changing menu offering seasonality and fresh ingredients.
  • Events: No
  • By the Glass: Sparkling, white, red, fortified and digestivs
  • Retail Sales: No
  • House Wines: Red, Borgo Selene, Rosso, Sicily,750ml Italy 2012 £18. White, Les Vignes de l’Eglise, Vermentino, Languedoc, 750ml France 2011 £18

There is a small bar area at the back serving small plates and wine.

Review of the Reviews. Click on the title to see the full article.

The Guardian

In a review that is red in tooth and claw The Observer's Jay Rayner is overjoyed to find a hare on his plate. This he explains in meticulous stomach churning detail  in is a stinker of a dish to prepare, literally, but a joy to consume, (allegedly), provided you like game of course. And like it he does. Properly cooked Hare, he concludes, "is the real thing: the elegant, refined end notes of all that dirty stuff it smelled of when raw". And 10 Greek St Hare is truly proper.

The rest of his meal which includes three deserts as well as a porky snack at the bar, prior to the meal, also bring home the bacon. The later presumably taken while enduring the obligatory long drawn out wait for a table (10 Greek st does not take reservations of an evening), a practice he like so many others is not happy with. On can almost feel his pain as he writes  "there has to be another way". Yes, it's called a reservation system and 10 Greek Street doesn't want one.

The Standard

Anyone hoping to hear the tale of Fay Maschler " Queen of Restaurant reviewers, queuing for up to an hour, under her tiara, whilst cooling the heels on her Jeffery Campbell's will be disappointed. The clever dear booked in for lunch thereby avoiding the long irritating dinner queues endured by most other reviewers. Consequently this is an almost one hundred percent positive review, only the very temporary "pay what you think the meal is worth policy", irks her, while her companion feels the orange posset with rhubarb a bit runny.

Fay is bowled over by several dishes including, Octopus, caperberries, fennel and chilli, steamed mussels, squid and saffron as well as grilled ox tongue, while  her companion on one of her two visits, is reduced to mouthing "delicious" several times when gormandizing, Gressingham duck breast with red cabbage and pancetta. She is to busy with "my char-grilled Brecon leg of lamb with sprouting broccoli and anchovy to pay much attention". On both her visits she a clocks professionals, sommeliers, sampling wines and munching off small plates in the bar area.

"Independent restaurants with gifted cooks, benign service, revelatory wine lists, reasonable pricing: bring 'em on. There can never be enough", is how she summarises the experience.