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St. John Bread and Wine

The menu is structured largely around smaller, starter size dishes which diners are encouraged  to share, with around a half dozen more substantial dishes offered at lunch and supper.

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St John

The main menu changes on a daily basis and often throughout the day, when fresh  foods are delivered by farmers and producers.


Foncalieu, a trail blazing union of several co-operatives, traces its origins back to 1901 when 128 winegrowers from the Languedoc founded France’s first ever cooperative winery, in Maraussan. Their motto“ All for one, one for all” can still be seen on the Foncalieu winery façade. 

 To-day it has over 1,200 winegrowers and has been trading under the Vignobles Foncalieu name since 1967.

 Below John Mason highlights the importance of this wine making phenomenon to small producers accross the South of France. (first published in Camden Review on Line)

Sun sea satThe thought, effort and technology needed to make modern wine iN ChIle.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:36

An Iconic Outsider

An_Iconic_OutsiderAn edited interview with London wine writer, John Mason, recorded at the city Beverage Annual Wine fair, London nov.2011.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 17:13

Natural Wine is a Local Wine.

Natural_Wine_a_Local_wineNico Kowalski Brand Ambassador for Vina Ventisquero explains why we will not be buying a Chilean natural wine in London.

Chateau Puicherica short video introduction to Château de Puichéric, Cuvée des Clots Minervois by winemaker Delphine Glangetas from Foncalieu.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 16:03

The City Beverage Company - A Private Event

Cit BevA sixty second video with music and a subtitled commentary of a City Beverage wine event, hosted in Central London, on behalf of Foncalieu a large union of French winemaking co-operatives.